Apartment Inspection Form
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   Apartment Inspection Form | Damage Deposits

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The mutual benefits of saving money on deposits for renters, and protecting the condition of a rental property for the landlord, can be well served by completing an apartment inspection form prior to occupancy. Renters and landlords alike are advised to fully document all aspects of lease and deposit information prior to a tenancy, during tenancy, and after the renter has vacated the lease and property. Most rental property owners include a security deposit on top of the first month’s rent payment prior to a tenant occupying a property. This ensures that possible damage will, at least in part, be paid for by the time the lease ends, or the tenant moves from the property.

Often, rental deposit amounts are equal to a month’s rent, but they can vary dependant on sale offers, risk of property destruction by pets, or the condition of the property at the onset of the lease, among other factors. Whether the deposit is affordable or expensive, tenants have a legal right to be repaid any amount paid toward a deposit if the terms of the lease are met and the condition of the apartment remains unchanged during their tenancy. An apartment inspection form provides documentation of a rental unit’s condition prior to occupancy that landlords and tenants can possess in case of a dispute during or after tenancy.

Landlord and tenants are protected legally when false accusations are brought up concerning a rental property’s condition when both possess a copy of the apartment inspection form. The apartment inspection form contains a detailed, room by room, or area by area, checklist of all aspects of a property. This can also include general condition of walls, carpeting or flooring, as well as outside areas such as yards, sidewalks, or steps. The checklist on the apartment inspection form can also include an inventory of all items that are owned by the landlord but will be in possession of the renter. Often, rental properties include certain appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and ovens, but they may also include other appliances, furniture, and various equipment provided for the tenants use and the maintenance of a property.
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